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Episode #84: The @TheLAPlayboy Interview

June 5, 2017


In the long-awaited Episode #84 of the #1 Men’s Premium Podcast in the world, I welcome the Twitter favorite @TheLAPlayboy. While @TheLAPlayboy is anonymous, similar to @GSElevator once was, his insight and tips stand for themselves. With thousands of followers from around the world, @TheLAPlayboy has quickly become a popular Twitter account for men who live the playboy lifestyle.

This is a particularly long interview coming in at over 3 hours long, so pour a fresh cup of green tea, sit back and enjoy as I cover a variety of topics in our discussion.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • Tai Lopez: Scam or Legit?
  • Cernovich’s Playbook: How To Create Viral Content and Build a Massive Following
  • How To Deal With The Current Anti-Male Social Climate
  • Has Mark Manson cut off his balls? Find out the truth inside
  • Toughest Cities in the US for Playboys to Pull The Same Night
  • Easiest Cities in the US for Playboys to Pull the Same Night
  • @TheLAPlayboy’s Top Dating Tips for Los Angeles
  • All his top Style Tips, including exact sites he shops from to put together a killer wardrobe and one tip that’s a MAJOR game-changer
  • What girls notice first more than a pocket square, a Bentley, or anything other ‘accessory’ you may be using
  • All of his favorite books for Life and Business: you’ll hear the entire list
  • Is starting a blog a good business idea? Find out his thoughts inside
  • Location Independent Income tips that actually work
  • And a ton more, over 3 hours of actionable content from a source who walks the walk…

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