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Episode #59: Next Level Game: Let’s Talk About Pimp Game And Turning Your Chicks Out (PART 2)

November 21, 2016

Alright gentlemen, after a long delay the podcast returns today with TWO episodes completing the Pimp Game and Turning Your Chicks Out Series.

First off, my apologies for the delay.

Moving to NYC from LA was a major endeavor and took a bit longer than I anticipated. While in transit it was impossible to record, but now that I'm settled in, I'm making up for passed 'missed' episodes, so you still get the same amount of episodes.

In this episode I continue Part 1, talking about what it takes to get into a chick's MIND and get her fully committed to you on another level.

As I mentioned before in the previous one, due to the content, this is for comedic purposes only and is purely entertainment.

Show Notes:

  • MindSEX: the mindset you need when having sex to get her mindset focused on one thing and one thing only (find out inside what that is!)
  • How to turn her out (‘ethically’) and make her love you even more
  • Love MILFS? Love Money? Find out how to get MILFS to pay YOUR way inside
  • Lessons From A Real Pimp: join me as I uncover secrets from a real ole’ pimp and how his game worked then and still works today and will help you get to that Next Level of getting hotter, better, sexier chicks then ever before!
  • And much, much more! Without getting into it too much here, it’s best to just listen to the episode to hear the real juice that I wouldn’t dare put here on the blog

If those notes look like the first episode of this series, then you'd be right. I only covered maybe 1/8 of the notes I wanted to cover even with an HOUR long episode, but in this one I cover even more content.

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