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Episode #139: How To Quit Being A Beta Bitch Boy

March 22, 2019


In Episode #139 of A Man In Demand Radio, I share the traits of beta bitch boys and most importantly, HOW to make sure you're not being one.

This originally aired THREE years ago in 2016 and beta bitch boy behavior has only gotten worse.

I was going to record a new episode on it, then listened to this one and realized it's even more timely than before, so I'm bumping it up from the endless archives so you can glean value from the ole dusty episodes and my endless wisdom that called out this behavior would get even worse. By the way, I highly recommend you go through the archives of this podcast. There's tons of episodes you probably haven't heard.

Never before in history has society reflected men acting like little bitches as much as right now in 2019. It's toxic. It's damaging to the world as a whole and it's the #1 way to NEVER get ahead in life. The good news is with this episode you'll ensure that you never reflect beta bitch boy traits and in the process, become the best man you can be.

What You Will Learn:

  • The 10 traits of Beta Bitch Boys
  • The Passive Aggressive Bitch Boy: this one is often used by fake alphas as a way of throwing shade on real alphas they feel threatened by
  • Why being a beta bitch boy is chick repellent even in a time when it seems the weak guys prosper (hint: the long game wins)
  • The #1 thing you have to do as a man that will ALWAYS keep you in line from crossing over to beta bitch boy land
  • Why the beta bitch boy never truly gets ahead like the man he hates the most: the true alpha
  • How to deal with beta bitch boys, whether in the workplace, or in a social setting. You WILL encounter these deranged 'men': knowing what to do is imperative.
  • Why is it increasingly popular to adopt the beta bitch boy mentality and what you can do to combat the slippery slope to a sexless and unsuccessful life
  • And much, much more!

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