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Episode #117: How To Get Mentally Tough

April 10, 2018


In Episode #117 of the greatest premium podcast on God’s green earth, Goldmund and I discuss how to get mentally tough.

Never have we lived in such a ‘soft’ time where men act like soyboys whining and bitching their way through life instead of grabbing life by the balls and creating their own destiny.

Many men struggle not knowing the key to getting tough and in the process getting everything they’ve every wanted.

Both of us have been to hell and back and have much to share on this episode in golden info that will help you in your life.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How trial by fire can actually be your secret weapon for success
    How being homeless (we both have experienced this) prepared us for success
    How tenacity is a key to success with women and life
    Our best tips for building mental toughness despite your up-bringing
  • Moron of The Week: CMQ rips apart the Participation Trophy Generation…
  • And much, much more…

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Episode #117: How To Get Mentally Tough

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