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Episode #116: When To Leave Your Wife Or Girlfriend (Or Both)

April 5, 2018


In Episode #116 of the greatest premium podcast on God’s green earth, Goldmund and I discuss when to leave your wife, girlfriend, or both.

Many men struggle with knowing that they can WALK THE FUCK away from a bad relationship, even if it's messy at first. 

Both of us have broken up with multiple girls and in this episode we share personal stories using 'case studies' to explain the red flags that are warning you to move on.

If you're experiencing relationship issues right now, this is a MUST-LISTEN to episode as we provide practical advice you can implement immediately.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Writing on The Wall: when you'll know it's a wrap
  • The main red flags that will tell you she's cheating
  • What NOT to do when preparing to break it off
  • How EXACTLY to break up with her
  • What to do before you break up with her that ensures you're good to go as smoothly as possible
  • Protecting Your Assets: We're NOT lawyers and we're NOT giving legal advice by any means, but we share what WE do to protect our stacks
  • Moron of The Week: CMQ rips apart hipsters on another level...
  • And much, much more…

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Episode #116: When To Leave Your Wife Or Girlfriend (Or Both)

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