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Episode #112: The Playboy’s Guide To Paris

February 21, 2018


In Episode #112 of the greatest men's podcast on this great planet, Goldmund and I share the exact strategy for doing Paris (and the French Riviera) right.

I just returned from the stunning city of Paris and while it's fresh on my mind, I'll share with you where to eat, what nightlife spots to visit and more.

This is info you won't find anywhere else, especially weesh 'travel' forums filled with cheap fucks who complain about drink prices.

If you want to meet some of the most beautiful women in the world, then this episode is a must-listen to episode.

In This Episode You Will Discover:

  • If you like high-end, then you'll like my restaurant breakdown where I tell you exactly where to go to have dining experiences of a lifetime
  • Love gorgeous French model women? I'll also tell you where to go and some tips for getting in the hardest doors in Paris
  • Goldmund breaks down his very different, albeit effective, method for meeting women in Paris
  • Interested in culture? We have you covered in the museums and sites to visit and the ones that are hyped and you should skip
  • Don't speak French and overwhelmed by meeting women in France? No problem, we don't either and we'll share with you the #1 secret to meeting women there anyway
  • I also share my experiences with Cannes and St. Tropez, the ultimate summer destinations in the French Riviera and how you can have the time of your life in the playground for the rich and beautiful
  • NEW! Moron of The Week: this new segment is where I go on a mini-rant about a particularly moronic person. Needless to say, it's entertaining AF.
    And much, much, more…

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