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Episode #30 How To Be A Better Man

In Episode #30 of A Man In Demand Radio I dive into the fundamental aspects of becoming a better man. In this practical, hard hitting and to the point episode, I discuss the key components to upgrading your life and in the process, becoming a better man. If you've been struggling with discovering a game-plan to get yourself in motion on the road to self-improvement as a man, then this episode will help you by giving you a blueprint to get started.

Show Notes:

  • The 4 main aspects of becoming a better man
  • What you can do today to begin this process
  • A 7 Day Guide to getting your foundation right so you can experience growth in just one week
  • How eliminating just one area of your life can set you up to succeed: this makes a huge difference
  • How being alone doesn't equal loneliness and how you can use those periods in your life to your advantage
  • The 4 main aspects that hinder a man from being the best he can be
  • And much more!

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