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Episode #12 F*ck Fear: The Art of Overcoming Approach Anxiety

In Episode #12 of A Man In Demand Radio, I help you overcome approach anxiety. Approach anxiety is one of, if not the biggest hurdle for players to overcome.

What really holds you back from approaching that cute girl at Starbucks?

Why did you walk past that sexy blonde in the club who eye-fucked you without saying one damn word?

This must-listen to episode is a perfect pre-going out 'primer' to get you pumped and focused on approaching.

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Episode #11 How To Handle Cockblocks In The Club

In Episode #11 of A Man In Demand Radio I share strategies and techniques that I've never talked or written about to help you navigate nightlife. This is an Advanced Game episode with BRAND NEW information, so hit 'Play' and get ready for a wild ride.

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Episode #10 A Player’s Guide To Rolling Out Solo

In Episode 10 of A Man In Demand Radio I break down practical tips based on years of experience rolling out to lounges, bars, parties, clubs and social events solo. These tips on how to meet girls and even get a one night stand, can be used this very weekend (or even tonight) and I share how important it is for new players to build their foundation strong through my own stories from when I first got into the game covering the disappointments and rejections, to the adrenaline rush of successes.

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Episode #9 Your Story’s Ending Has Not Been Written Yet

In episode #9 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into dealing with depression and how to get out of it sharing personal stories from when I was down and out and struggling with depression. I'll be very real, I struggled with releasing this episode because sharing my story cost me, but if it helps even one listener than I'm glad I did it. The message is simple, but powerful and if you have struggled in the past, or are depressed right now, then this episode will help you.

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