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Episode #8 Interview w/ Tanner Guzy (Masculine-Style.com)

In this free episode, I interview Tanner Guzy from Masculine-Style.com. We dive into a range of topics in this 1 hour+ interview about men's style.

Learn more about Tanner Guzy on his Men's Style blog: www.masculine-style.com
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram
This episode was sponsored by A Man In Demand Academy.

Episode #4: The Private Man Interview

In Episode #4 of A Man In Demand Radio, I interviewed Andrew from The Private Man blog. This episode is packed with insight and wisdom from an older cat who's been there and done that and I found this to be an inspirational episode on many levels. Here's what we covered in the 2 hour interview.

Show Notes:
  • How to develop charisma and the practical steps you can take to better your personality
  • What makes a good online dating profile and the one step you have to take to get results
  • How to jump back into the dating game after a divorce 
  • Is it ever too late to learn Game and get girls? (we reveal the truth)
  • One special 'line' that Andrew uses to great success to get a date (it's so good, I'm going to use it!)
  • What it really means to become a man and how you can get yourself on another level above the rest of your peers
  • The effeminization of American men, what it means for society and how you can still retain masculine traits
  • The best wingman a man can have and the optimum way to maximize the results
  • Andrew's battle with cancer and how he has persevered despite his odds
  • And much, much more

This is yet another packed episode (2 hours in length) where through personal stories and age old wisdom, Andrew from The Private Man Blog gives us insight on what it really means to become a man. We laughed, we got serious, we broke life down and I'm excited to release this special episode that will help improve your life.
Enjoy the show and I'll have Episode #5: How To Build A Harem (Part 2) available this Friday April 17th at 6am (PST).
Here's to a kick-ass week gentlemen,
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Episode #2 What Is Opportunity?

In Episode #2 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into "What Is Opportunity?" sharing my personal life stories.

Show Notes:

  • Why society has completely misled you on what opportunities actually are
  • What it takes to realize your vision in life
  • How I got a full-ride to Law School by talking to a stranger
  • The exact steps I took to open my own nightclub at the age of 24
  • Why I DON'T want you spending all your time on the Project Playboy Forum
  • The strategy behind real networking and meeting the power players you want to meet
  • The one key aspect that is necessary for you to be successful (and without you won't reach your goals)
  • How I got actor Wesley Snipes to become a regular customer at my nightclub
  • The key difference between Losers and Winners
  • And much, much more

This is a packed episode, almost an hour in length, where I pull back the curtain and tell some personal stories about opportunities and what it takes to get them. If you've been struggling to make progress professionally, or personally, then this is a must-listen to episode.

Enjoy the show and I'll have a brand new Game episode for you gents on Friday April 10th at 6am (PST).

Let's kick some ass this week,


Episode #1 Rollo Tomassi Interview

In the inaugural episode of A Man In Demand Radio, I interview Rollo Tomassi, best-selling author, blogger and overall badass.

Show Notes:

  • Discussion about Germanwings pilot Andreas Lubitz
  • Wild Oat's Project (Robin Rinaldi)
  • The Rational Male: Preventative Medicine (Rollo's new Amazon Best-selling book available here)
  • Hillary Clinton's run for the White House
  • Mayweather v. Pacquiao upcoming historical boxing match
  • The phases women go through in life (from his book)
  • The Yes Means Yes new law (College False Rape issues)
  • Reader's Questions Answered (3-4)
  • And a TON more about Red Pill v. Game, the current dating landscape and much, much more.

As mentioned towards the tail end of the show, here is the charity that is close to Rollo's heart: 
GoldCoast Greyhound Adoptions. Any donation to that charity is appreciated and you can find out more here.

A big Thank You to Rollo Tomassi for taking time out of his birthday today to record!

Last couple of notes:

-I'm not a tech expert, so the sound quality won't be 100%. I have great podcast equipment (the whole nine yards), but Skype can be a bitch and you'll notice the difference between when it's just me and when Rollo is on. I'm still figuring out how to make them sound perfect (it's a huge learning curve), so thank you for your patience. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so rest assured the production quality will get to 100% very soon.

-A Man In Demand Academy Enrollment is now OPEN. You can get started today for just $1. Join here.

Alright gents, enjoy the podcast and look for new episodes coming this week! (maybe even a new one tomorrow)


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