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Welcome to A Man In Demand Radio!

April 2, 2015


Welcome to my brand new podcast, A Man In Demand Radio.

If you've followed me in the last year, then you heard my old show, The Christian McQueen Show. All of those past episodes have been uploaded on this site for your listening pleasure and convenience. 

I'm excited to dive back into hosting a show and expect nothing less than the best from A Man In Demand Radio.
I will be hosting solo and my focus will be on interviewing accomplished guests in their respective fields, as well as doing some solo episodes where I get specific about topics you gents care about, ranging from dating to sex, to making money, to how to get the most out of life.

My first guest for the inaugural episode, is best-selling Amazon author Rollo Tomassi (TheRationalMale.com) on April 2nd. The episode will be released on Friday April 3rd.
Get ready for an exciting year of brand new weekly podcasts where I hope to entertain and share my experiences about life and as always, a BIG Thank You for listening and spreading the word. 

Note: Within the next 2-3 days the official URL will be amanindemandradio.com

*Flip mic on*
Recording for greatness.
Enjoy gentlemen,
Christian McQueen