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Episode #7 How To Build A Harem (Part 3)

April 24, 2015

In episode #7 of A Man In Demand Radio, I wrap up the Harem Series focusing on what the end game is and what a man's best options are.

Show Notes:
  • Dread Game: how to use it and some of my most successful 'lines' to use
  • The End Game of Harem Game
  • Is Harem Game for you? I cover the Pros and Cons
  • How a Harem can become your support team of cheerleaders
  • Monogamy: can men pull this off? And what the right number of notches is before you settle down (if you choose to do so)
  • A very powerful technique in Harem Game is fulfilling a need in her life. I break it down what that need might be and how you can get her On-Lock
  • And much more! 

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