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Episode #57: The Evolution Of Game: How It’s Changed And What To Expect In 2017

September 22, 2016

Since I've been on hiatus, I'm rewarding your patience with back to back golden episodes on your favorite topic: Game. In Episode 57 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into the topic of The Evolution of Game: How It's Changed And What To Expect In 2017.

If there's ever been an episode to listen to, this is the one.

The reality is, the Game is changing.

The rules aren't the same. The girls aren't the same. And, if a player doesn't ADAPT to the 'New Game' he'll be left sexless.

In this episode I share HOW the Game has changed and my Predictions for where it's going in 2017 and how you can best prepare, so you still get dates and sex.

Show Notes:

  • How technology has transformed the dating and sex landscape
  • Will Virtual Reality make the dating market worse? Will it take guys/girls OUT of the dating market?
  • What's more important in the coming 2017: Looks, Game, or Status?
  • What girls crave NOW more than ever (and will even more so in 2017)
  • Does a player have to plug-into dating apps to get laid in the US?
  • Is the dating market in the US a waste of time?
  • Should a player go overseas to find a 'good' woman?
  • Is the Golden Era of nightlife over and can you still CONSISTENTLY pull from clubs?
  • What is the REAL answer to these vast shifts in the dating market?

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