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Episode #53 How To Meet Girls Overseas, Write 7-Figure Converting Copywriting And What Sex In Pablo Escobar’s Mansion Is Like with Dave Perrotta

July 13, 2016

In Episode #53 of A Man In Demand Radio, I welcome special guest Dave Perrotta, creator of PostGradCasanova.com to the show.

Dave has traveled the world, wrote copy for 7-figure producing online companies and had sex in Pablo Escobar's mansion (one of the many). The story is hilarious and you'll hear the entire escapade inside, but here's some details of what we discussed.

Show Notes:

  • How Dave got into blogging and why he picked the dating niche in particular
  • Dave's main tips for starting an online business
  • The tools he uses for his online business
  • His first time he left the country to travel: what the experience was like, where he went and much more
  • His top travel tips based on having traveled and lived outside of the US for years
  • Dating overseas for American guys: What's it's like? What are the main obstacles (language etc) and does the 'asshole' game that works in the US work there? 
  • The power of masterminding and working with fellow online entrepreneurs in Medellin
  • Dave's writing process when making a blog post and the 'formula' he follows
  • His experience with copywriting and how to write great copy that converts
  • The #1 book he recommends to learn how to write great copy
  • His top tips for learning another language and how you can use it to meet girls
  • Dave also dives into some hilarious stories about his times out, including the Pablo mansion story and one involving me in San Francisco for Super Bowl 2016
  • And much, much more!

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