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Episode #42 The Social Factor That Made Bill Clinton Into President

March 24, 2016

In episode #42 of A Man In Demand Radio, I dive into one of the most useful topics of this show: The Social Factor. If you don't recognize the pic in this episode's artwork, it's a young Bill Clinton meeting John F. Kennedy as a young man. That exact moment is when Mr. Clinton said he realized he wanted to become president and then set out to do so. What Bill understood from a young age was the power of connecting with people when in social settings.

In this week's episode I'll share my secrets to connecting with people in genuine ways that make them never forget you and help you truly dominate any social setting, plus make the right impact that leads to incredible opportunities.

Show Notes:

  • What is the Social Factor and how can it help YOU get ahead in life?
  • The EXACT step-by-step method to use when meeting someone (it's easy to use and VERY powerful)
  • Why it's easier than ever to utilize this incredible tool
  • The simple technique that will help you connect with ANYONE no matter if they're a different race, religion, or economic class
  • The one thing you should ALWAYS do when dealing with dignitaries and powerful people that no one is talking about
  • How you can stand out in a good way, not be an ass kisser, but make the elite WANT to see you again
  • What actor Ryan Gosling taught me about being interested in someone when having a conversation
  • And much, much more!

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